Saturday, February 1, 2014

Silver Spring Transit Center


Pulte's product doesn't back up their hype; neither does the Silver Spring Transit Center in Montgomery County, MD: 

Video status report:

Sunday, April 28, 2013

shoddy construction & inept gov't inspection

It could happen in the US. Shoddy construction and inept construction inspection by government have reached an all-time high. Montgomery Co., Md. is investigating cracks in a yet-to-be-opened multistory concrete transit center that besides extensive concrete cracking has other problems, including floor slabs that are too thin, unreinforced slabs, missing reinforcement, etc. (Silver Spring Transit Center; ). The details of the structural defects are at: . More attention nationwide needs to be given to the problem of shoddy construction and inept government inspection.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pulte crap

from Philadelphia PA:

"I bought a Pulte home. I didn't know anything about Pulte before I bought the house. I simply needed a house at the time, and the one I bought happens to be Pulte. But after several years in the house now, I know better for the next time, to stay away from any Pulte homes".
House not wrapped (Tyvek or equal), so very drafty inside;.
HVAC undersized and unbalanced, so room temps vary 20 deg from one end to the other?.
Siding installed improperly (nails too tight, as if by a nail gun), so the siding is all wrinkly looking?.
Internal wiring is a big mess, can't believe it passed inspection?.
Taped sheetrock joints peeling everywhere, especially in the garage.
Nail pops everywhere throughout the house.
Fireplace not tight, so extremely drafty, and cold air gushes in all winter long.
Windows are of poorest quality and installed improperly. Locks don't work, windows won't stay closed, huge gaps around all windows, so very drafty.
Plumbing installed incorrectly in many places, and/or not insulated where they should be, so pipes sweat and leak in ceilings below.
Lowest quality 40% efficiency HVAC units and water heater, so gas and electric bills are abnormally high (also contributed to gaps and draft throughout the house.
Poorly insulated attic.
The list goes on and on. Heed my warning, stay away from Pulte homes. Don't contract to build one. What you know now won't help if you think you will contract to build one and just police their construction. Like any semi-custom home builder, they won't let you in until it's done, so you'll never see all their cheats and shotty workmanship hidden behind the walls and floors."

Friday, December 31, 2010


Welcome to Citizens Revolt Against Pulte (CRAP).

CRAP is a forum for all those who have experienced shoddy construction and/or have been treated poorly by Pulte Homes.

Post your comments here.

For additional testimonials see:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I needed a whole separate blog for all the bad experiences with Pulte Homes that I've experienced (including a few that others experienced too). go to

Thursday, October 22, 2009

because they can

Pulte builds lousy houses because they can. Unless more people speak out publicly, this will continue.

There are MANY websites where you can tell your story: HOBB, HADD,, etc.
Google “Pulte shoddy” and you’ll see more.

If enough people tell their stories PUBLICLY, then maybe some day shoddy builders and inept (or corrupt) government building inspectors will be put out of business.

Tell your story PUBLICLY, on as many websites as you can find. Tell others who you know who are victims of Pulte's shoddy construction to do the same.


Friday, September 11, 2009

An update, lingering questions, and a message for Pulte

In the case of the black wood floor, I understand from the homeowner that Pulte is replacing the floor. I’m happy for the homeowner.

Lingering questions:
1. What took Pulte so long to agree to replace the floor?
2. Why did Pulte take such an obviously RIDICULOUS position for MONTHS? (The black wood floor is the HOMEOWNER'S fault because he put a desk chair protector on it, which didn’t allow water coming THROUGH THE SLAB to evaporate.)
3. Why didn’t Pulte IMMEDIATELY agree to remedy this problem, which is CLEARLY the result of shoddy construction?

Message for Pulte:

Five years ago I had no reason to believe other than Pulte builds good houses and treats their customers well. During the past 5 years I have come to realize that Pulte does NOT build quality houses and does NOT treat their customers well. In fact, Pulte’s actions over the past 5 years at SCHH are a case study in how NOT to treat your customers.

Congratulations, Pulte, you’ve managed to take some of your biggest sales assets (some of your customers) and turn them into your biggest liabilities. Based on my experiences over the last 5 years I would NEVER recommend a Pulte house in a Pulte development to ANYONE.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pulte makes homeowner sick while community (13,000+) yawns

Dear Mr. ******;

"Self inflicted" by putting a protective pad under my office chair? No moisture readings prior to installation, no answer to questions about vapor barrier, no answer to question about code requirements. no response to voice messages, emails to division VP's or Pulte's Corporate, no response from customer service concerning information on who removed stained wood earlier this year ,so that I can pay to get the toxic mold out of here immediately and argue with Pulte later.

It will be interesting to see what "course of action" you will take against an extremely sick 82 year old and his 77 year old wife.


Dear Mr. *******:

Further to our earlier correspondence on the matter of the damage to the flooring of my office/Den, I wish to report the following. Mr. **** **** has made periodic visits since July 15, 2009 to carefully record the moisture levels. They have been dropping, of course, because of the exposure to the air conditioned atmosphere, but in my opinion the moisture should not have been there in the first place.

Unanswered Questions:

1. What were the moisture readings that were taken from the cement slab prior to the placement of the wood flooring by Pulte? The guidelines stated by the manufacturer (Tarkett) are that this must be done to make the "go - no go" decision to lay the flooring. As requested previously, both of you and Mr. ****, can I please be supplied with copies of the readings?

2. Tarkett also states that the entire floor must be covered with a damp-proof membrane of at least 0.2mm thickness to protect against rising moisture. The damp proof underlay should be laid with an overlap of at least 200mm or sealed with tape. Please confirm that this work was properly carried out.

3. One of the most serious problems of wood damage is unhealthy fungal growth. The flooring has been tested for mold and is positive.

Unfortunately, I have been in hospital five times this year because of flares with Ulcerative Colitis. The cause of UC has not been established, but is strongly believed to be a result of exposure to environmental issues. As I have been sitting in a field of mold spores for three years, I suspect that this is a contributing factor and will raise the subject during an evaluation at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, scheduled for September 2, 2009.

I am convinced that most of what has happened stems from the frenzied pace at which Pulte was building homes in 2005. We embarked on this journey in April, 2005 and told that we had a mere two hours to make a decision to purchase from a plot plan. Copies of the CC&Rs and other documentation were provided by the lawyers at closing.

You have cautioned me that I am responsible for what has happened, and I strongly disagree for a number of reasons. If your response remains the same as, in effect, "blame the customer", I regret that I do plan to take the necessary legal action.

Yours Sincerely,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pulte crap

This is a Pulte-installed wood floor in a Pulte-built house at Sun City Hilton Head, SC. The original and current owner says in a letter to Pulte dated June 13, 2009:
"At a cost of $12,960, I had wooden flooring in my home installed by Pulte as an add-on when we bought the house in April 2005, and took up occupancy in November. At that time homes were in high demand and being built incredibly quickly. In fact, if a lagoon view was wanted, you had to enter a lottery!
The den became my office in the Wisteria model and a large carpet laid on the Pulte installed wood floor, upon which sits a plastic pad of the type that protects my office chair from damage to the carpet when moved on its rollers. A huge stain has appeared beneath all this, the carpet is wet, and that part of the floor black. The Pulte representative that came in response to my call, effectively said that I was at fault, because the protective pad was blocking evaporation of the water seeping up from the concrete slab, thus I must pay to have the floor replaced. It seems to me that what I have done is perfectly normal and a practice that I have successfully used elsewhere, and that wetness coming up through the concrete slab is a result of a crack or not allowing the slab to properly cure once laid.
Incidentally, a similar occurrence took place at the southern end of the lounge where nothing sat upon the floor, and following a Pulte inspection the section of the floor was replaced, as the moisture barrier between the slab and the floor was missing. New sealant was applied and all has been well since.
I remain unconvinced that has gone wrong is because of any wrongdoing on my part, and would welcome your response before taking any further action."
Pulte to homeowner:
"I have spoken to xxxxxxxx; he in turn has spoken to the manufacturer of the flooring - generally, the consensus is that the placement of the plastic covering over a rug has effectively trapped moisture in the area that would otherwise have dissipated. I have asked xxxx to verify the likely placement of pipework and drainage to ensure that there is no possibility of an underground leak - we are confident at this stage that that is not the cause. The manufacturer of the flooring is suggesting that the area be left uncovered to see if the stain reduces. Fact is, if it does, it would somewhat confirm our suspicions. I would also like to obtain a moisture reading to be able to monitor the area from a more scientific perspective. I will get with xxxx to set up that appt.
Once we have the results, we will have a better idea of next actions. I have to caution you however. If we determine that the stain was caused by the placement of the plastic, we would consider this a homeowner responsibility.
We will be in touch in the next couple of days to schedule the appointment."
Homeowner to Pulte:
"Thank you for your response and I look forward to meeting with xxxxxxxx, whom I have always found to be a most pleasant gentleman to deal with. In the meantime would you please be so kind as to supply me with the name of the company that provided the wood flooring for my home, conform the placement of a vapor barrier between the slab (sand?) and flooring, together with any record on my file that you may have of the actual moisture levels prior to installation.
Concerning your word of "caution and homeowner responsibility". Having made use of carpet protectors in both homes and offices to avoid damage for several decades without problem, how am I supposed to be aware that such a normal act would violate the design criteria of a Pulte built home, and result in a ruined "stinky" carpet and extensive flooring damage?"
Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another example of Pulte's shoddy construction

I removed the carpet and padding, exposing the concrete slab underneath. The crack runs the full length of the floor. At one point what appears to be a vapor barrier appears in the crack. PULTE, THE VAPOR BARRIER IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNDER THE SLAB. With the vapor barrier THROUGH the slab, instead of UNDER it, the slab is weakened, and cracks. Duhhhhhhhhh! Just another example of Pulte's "high quality".

Sun City, any question why your ceramic tile floors are cracked?


Friday, March 20, 2009

are you chilled? or do you exercise your right of free speech?


“In their investigation of the trend, Pring and Canan found that ‘filers of SLAPPs rarely win in court yet often 'win' in the real world, achieving their political agendas. We found that SLAPP targets who fight back seldom lose in court yet are frequently devastated and depoliticized and discourage others from speaking out--'chilled' in the parlance of First Amendment commentary’."


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

if you don't post...

...then NOTHING is going to happen!

"All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke